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Learn from Expert Teachers

It is important to evolve and adapt as technology advances. Online courses are becoming increasingly popular, which is unsurprising with all the benefits online learning can bring. Superstar Teacher is a comprehensive learning platform that embraces the use of technology to enhance and provide a seamless learning experience for our students.

Over the next few weeks, let us dive deep into how Superstar Teacher can help your child learn better and shine brighter!

Learn from Expert Teachers - Superstar Teacher

Passionate teachers

One of the core features of Superstar Teacher is our online video lessons. From Primary 1 all the way to Secondary 4, we have the syllabuses all covered. Parents can simply rest easy and watch your child grow and excel academically with us!

Our library consists of over 7,000 video lessons, which are delivered by experienced and qualified teachers who are experts in their fields. Their dedication to teaching and their passion to impart knowledge and inspire the future generation shine through in these lessons.



Lessons are recorded and maintained at the highest quality with the very best versions of our teachers presented. This dispels the issue of consistency seen in many scheduled and live lessons where teachers or tutors may not be in tip-top conditions on certain days and this will, unfortunately, be translated in their teaching.

MOE syllabuses aligned

Aligned with MOE syllabuses

Our team of curriculum specialists work hand in hand with our Superstar teachers to ensure that content across all the subjects offered are aligned and kept up-to-date with the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s syllabuses. You may view the list of our subject offerings here!

Our courses span both primary and secondary school education to prepare students for major national examinations (PSLE and ‘O’ Levels). Content for each subject is carefully-curated and comprehensive, covering all the stipulated topics and key learning points.

Learn from Expert Teachers - Superstar Teacher

Well-qualified mentors

Another core feature of Superstar Teacher is our Instant Homework Help. This newly-launched feature allows students to receive guided solutions to their homework questions through live chat sessions with mentors.

Our pool of expert mentors are familiar with Singapore’s education system and are well-qualified to help students in subjects they are proficient in. All chat sessions are routinely checked and monitored by our team so parents can rest assured that mentors are performing in accordance to our standards and expectations.

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for our next post where we will share more of Superstar Teacher’s benefits and useful features.

Meanwhile, you can simply sign up for a free trial with us and discover the ultimate learning experience yourself!


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