Flexible and Stress-Free Learning

School-related stress is not uncommon among students and having an additional layer of academic stress outside of school may not be what you want for your child.

In the third of our series, find out how Superstar Teacher takes the stress out of learning and enables your child to learn at his or her own pace!

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace

Everyone learns at a different pace and Superstar Teacher helps to create a flexible and much more effective learning experience for your child. Our students are able to focus and spend more time on topics and concepts that they are weaker in through replays of video lessons and additional practices.

We also understand that students may hesitate at times to raise their hands and ask questions in a classroom setting. With Superstar Teacher, students can simply pause and replay a lesson whenever they want and asking questions on the Homework Help platform is as easy as a few simple clicks. This definitely helps to take the stress and frustration out of learning and those tricky homework questions!

Strategy-based, exam-oriented approach


The ease of learning with Superstar Teacher is supported by a strategy-based and examination-oriented teaching approach. Your child will be able to tackle tough examination questions effortlessly with tips and useful methodologies imparted by our Superstar teachers in our video lessons.

Furthermore, doing revision with our auto-marking assessments will definitely help your child stay familiarised with common examination questions and answering techniques. He or she is less likely to draw a blank during important tests and examinations or deem these as insurmountable hurdles.

A child under pressure will not necessarily achieve academic excellence. Here at Superstar Teacher, we enable your child to learn in a stress-free and fuss-free manner without compromising on grades. Start exploring our platform on a free trial and experience it yourself!


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