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Learn with Video Lessons Anytime and Anywhere

One major advantage of online learning compared to traditional learning is the convenience it brings to both students and parents. In this post, let’s find out how Superstar Teacher enables your child to learn with ease and comfort!

Superstar Teacher-Learn anytime anywhere

Easy and convenient learning

With just a single log-in, your child can start learning through video lessons that cover the whole range of Primary and Secondary-level core subjects.  Your child can attempt the evaluation quizzes to determine their level of understanding of a certain topic and we would guide them on which video lessons to start viewing from.

Each lesson comes with its own set of printable worksheets that your child can work on before or during the lesson to supplement his or her learning. For advanced learners, they can attempt the practice questions in the worksheets before downloading the answer sheet to check their answers against. To get the solutions and explanations to questions they have gotten wrong, they can simply skip to and view selective parts of the lesson using the indexing feature.

Interactive quizzes are embedded within our video lessons. They act as checkpoints that will keep students engaged and test their understanding of what has just been taught.

There is also no need to worry about our teachers talking too fast or slow because your child can view the video at the speed that he or she is most comfortable using the speed variable option in our videos.

Superstar Teacher-Learn anytime anywhere

Accessible anywhere

Besides our website, you can also access the Superstar Teacher platform and enjoy its features through our mobile application that is available for both iOS and Android devices. This way, your child is able to view video lessons, attempt the auto-marking assessments and get homework help from the comforts of home or anywhere else as long as there is Internet connection.

Parents can also view lessons together with their children too! This will allow you to understand more about the current curriculum and what your child is learning in school, which is in contrast to sending your child to tuition classes where you cannot explicitly find out what your child is currently learning and how the teaching quality is like.

Superstar Teacher-Learn anytime

Available anytime

Superstar Teacher is also available round-the-clock! By having the freedom and flexibility to choose when they would like to start on a new lesson, students are more willing to learn and stay engaged during the lesson. This is especially helpful for students with short attention spans who may find it difficult to go through entire lessons in single sittings.

In addition, we understand the frustration that some students face when tackling a difficult homework question. They may also have difficulty grasping a concept taught in school and there is simply no one to seek help from.

This is where our Instant Homework Help feature will come in handy and alleviate this problem! Whether it is early in the morning or late at night, students can pose their questions to expert mentors who will be online and available to clear their doubts instantly.

Sign up for a free trial with us and experience the ease and accessibility of online learning! Get started with our some of our online video lessons, download the supplementary worksheets and let your child have a go at our auto-marking assessments.

Next week, we will be sharing more on how Superstar Teacher makes learning flexible and stress-free, so stay tuned for that!


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