Superstar Teacher x Project Lightboard: Enhanced Learning Experience For Your Child

As an online learning platform committed to creating an excellent learning experience for our students, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Project Lightboard to further enhance the learning for our students.

Project Lightboard is a series of short video clips produced by City College (Singapore), an institution that shares a common goal of delivering effective and engaging lessons to students. This collaboration involves the integration of Project Lightboard into Superstar Teacher’s Primary-level Science lessons.

These clips offer a summary of the various Science concepts as a way to supplement our Science lessons and offer students additional content to facilitate learning. Some of these clips also feature demonstrations of real-life experiments to help students understand the underlying concepts better.

From students who need additional guidance to grasp concepts better to those who just need a brief overview to reinforce what has been taught, these bite-size clips will be able to cater to students at different stages of learning.

Currently, Project Lightboard is integrated in all our Primary Science courses as bonus clips and you can view some of the sample clips below:

P3 Science


P4 Science


P5 Science


PSLE Science


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