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4 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Chinese Language Skills

4 Ways to Improve Your Child's Chinese Language Skills

Did you know that your child’s fluency in Chinese can make it easier to answer and score well in primary or secondary school exams? By simply incorporating the use of Mandarin at home, your child can get ahead in their studies for this subject. In fact, your child can acquire the language more effectively by seeing, hearing, reading or doing

With the following four tips, your child can have more opportunities to develop their Chinese abilities so that it comes naturally for them in  school. 

How to Improve Chinese Vocabulary and Speaking

1. Watch Chinese-language shows and movies

When it comes to learning more Chinese, there are many benefits of watching shows and movies in the language. Television programmes are a fun andeasy way to gain more exposure to Chinese and can be an excellent supplement to your child’s language learning studies. Tune in to a show that your child likes to help them improve in comprehension, pronunciation and vocabulary on a regular basis. Your child can also learn new words through the subtitles provided and get exposed to natural dialogues. 

Additionally, make it part of your family routine to watch the news in Chinese. Besides improving their Chinese, your child can also stay updated on current affairs, which may potentially be used as topics in their exams. 

2. Help them learn common catchphrases

Whether your child is in primary or secondary school, encourage them to read books in Chinese as well. This can introduce them to new and unfamiliar words to expand their vocabulary. Through books, your child can also learn more Chinese idiomatic expressions – four-character expressions known as 成语 (chéng yǔ) – that can be used in essay writing.  

3. Use words they’ve learnt

One of the best ways to help your child learn Chinese is by repetition. Repeating information helps embed it in your child’s memory, making it more likely that they will remember it in the future. 

Encourage your child to have a notebook specifically for these new words and phrases. When practising Chinese composition at home, your child can refer to this notebook and incorporate words they’ve learnt into the essay. By putting it into practice, your child will make progress with ease and have a broader vocabulary memorised by heart in time for exams. 

4. Talk in Chinese

When it comes to language learning, children are like sponges. The earlier they start learning, the more proficient they will become. This is why parents should make an effort to speak in Chinese at home with their kids. Even if your child doesn’t understand everything you’re saying, they will still be picking up new words and get the sense of the meaning behind them.

With that in mind, set a period where your family is required to converse in Chinese. Continuous exposure to Chinese in your child’s everyday life can benefit them, whether they are in primary or secondary school. The bottom line is to help them utilise Chinese confidently and without any difficulty. 

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