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How Can I Improve My Child’s Concentration and Focus?

It is no secret that children these days have a lot of distractions. From video games and TV shows to smartphones and the internet, it is easier for children to get sidetracked from what they’re doing. This can be a problem for parents who are trying to help their children with academics or other important tasks. 

What Causes Lack of Concentration in a Child?

There are a variety of reasons why your child may be struggling to focus. Sleep deprivation is a significant factor in concentration problems. A poor diet can also cause a lack of attention. Additionally, your child may not be interested in what they are working on, or they might be trying to avoid a task they find challenging. 

Yet, for children to excel in their studies and future academics in Singapore, the ability to stay focused and concentrate on tasks is essential for homework, revision and subsequently in exams. Here are some tips to help you work with your child to overcome this obstacle and improve their focus.

How to Increase Concentration in Studies

1. One Task at a Time

More extensive activities require a greater deal of focus and discipline. It can be a good idea to break them down into smaller chunks and allow your child to complete one task first before moving on to another. Tackling homework in this manner will also help your child learn how to organise and manage their time wisely.

2. Play Memory Games

Give kids games that challenge them to think and encourage them to be creative. There is a range of games that demand planning, effort and concentration. Games that require problem-solving and critical thinking games can aid your child to focus longer. 

Memory, jigsaw puzzles or crossword puzzles are examples of fun and educational games. Games like Statue provide your child with a challenge to focus and stay in a specific position without moving. Activities that require sequencing, such as putting up a table, following recipes and organising items in alphabetical order are excellent ways to improve focus. 

These activities are specifically intended to help your child develop and enhance their capacity to focus for extended periods. 

3. Set a Timer

Children at the age of ten years old can usually focus for up to half an hour, depending on the task—less time with tedious and complex tasks and more time with intrinsically appealing activities. Setting a time restriction for homework can help improve their concentration and make them less likely to procrastinate.

As your child improves at attention, you may gradually increase the time length. By setting a specific amount of time that you and your child agree on, they will know that they are needed to stay focused during this period in order to do other activities later.

4. Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

The importance of sleep in a child’s daily routine cannot be overstated. Insufficient sleep can have a substantial impact on your child’s ability to concentrate and learn. While most parents would like their children to spend more time on their studies as exam approaches, sleep is more important for academic achievement.

Additionally, a well-balanced diet can aid focus. Eggs, spinach, berries and other nutrient-dense foods can help your child concentrate better. 

The Secret Formula to Success

It’s also worth complementing the above tips with online tuition classes for primary and secondary school students. Especially as major exams like the PSLE and O-Level in Singapore approach, it is crucial that your child works on brushing up on their weak topics in math, science and other subjects. 

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