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How To Decide Between Pure Science Or Combined Science

How To Decide Between Pure Science Or Combined Science

In just a month’s time, 2022 will come to a close. This means that a new school year is fast approaching, signalling both students and parents to prepare by establishing new routines or getting any school supplies sorted out. If your child is progressing  to Secondary 3 in 2023, you have more to look forward to.

The third year of secondary school is vastly different from the first and second years. Aside from boys having to wear long trousers now, students in the Secondary 3 cohort are expected to take up subject combinations of their choice. One of these combinations requires the decision  to take up Pure Science or Combined Science.

While most students have already chosen their subject combinations at this point, your child may still be feeling apprehensive about their decision. Not to worry, as your child is allowed to change their options at the start of the year. To help you out, here are some ways to determine if your child will be better suited for Pure Science or Combined Science.

Difficulty Level 

It goes without saying that Pure Science is a lot more academically challenging and rigorous than Combined Science. Science is branched out into 3 fields: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The Combined Science subject only covers roughly 75% of its Pure Science counterpart. As such, your child can look forward to a lesser workload. Students who are weaker or not too confident in Science should opt for Combined Science instead.

However, if your child shows scientific and mathematical prowess, they can challenge themselves by taking up triple science, which covers all 3 Pure Sciences. This course is mostly offered to students in the top 15% of the cohort, and who have consistently scored good grades in their Science and Maths examinations.


A downside of your child taking Combined Science is that they only have a single Science subject to count on. For example, if your child chooses Chemistry and Biology as their Combined Science subject, the total grades of these two subjects are combined into one. This can put your child at a huge disadvantage if they are weak in one Science subject, negatively affecting their overall L1/R5.

On the other hand, Pure Science subjects are regarded as individual subjects. Since students are expected to take up 2 Pure Science subjects at the beginning, they have a total of 7 subjects for their L1/R5 grading. Let’s say they have scored one of these subjects poorly, they can turn to their other 6 subjects to achieve a lower L1/R5 score. In addition, if your child finds themselves unable to manage one of their Pure Science subjects, they can drop it without affecting their chances of entering Junior College.

Future Education and Career

This is where your child’s passion and career goals come into play when deciding on a suitable subject combination. If your child is interested in progressing to Junior College or enrolling in Science-based or Maths-based courses in University, there is without a doubt that Pure Science is a necessity. In fact, this goes for entry into Polytechnics as well, as taking up Pure Science can allow your child to choose from a wider range of courses.

However, if your child has already decided to enter a course that belongs to the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences fields, they can go ahead and opt for Combined Science.

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