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Being Mums and Dads for Life

Mr Jason Wong, a Senior Director with the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports held a sharing session “Being Mums and Dads for Life” on 30 March 2012.

Parenting is a long-term job and you can definitely excel it with these tips from Mr Wong:

  • Parents should not just emphasise and focus on academic results but put equal weightage on character and values.
  • It is easier to build boys and children than fix men and adults and thus parents are encouraged to play an active role in your children’s lives.
  • Parents should focus on their marital relationship if they wish to be good parents as survey results revealed that fathers who were satisfied with their spousal relationships were more involved in their children’s lives.
  • Parents should pay attention to character building and teach values such as how their child should speak and behave as these values are transmitted from one generation to another.
  • Always remember that you are the role models to your children.
  • Never do anything to give your child the impression that you do not care / do not want them.
  • Take an interest and make an effort to know what is happening in your child’s school will signal clearly to your child that school and education are important.
  • Fathers have five roles to fulfill: playmates, role models, teachers, mentors and coaches. (IPPT: Individual Physical Proficiency Test) and it is concluded that children with more caring fathers are often more secure and sociable, experience less emotional distress, show greater self-control and perform better in school.
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