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June Holidays 2019: Recommended Reads

“Reading is to the Mind what Exercise is to the Body”

We are in the midst of the June School Holidays and there’s no better opportunity for your child to spend some quiet and quality time with a good book. Besides opening doors to new information and different cultures/places, reading also helps your child to speak and write better by exposing him or her to a richer vocabulary and the proper usage of grammar.

Here are some recommended books for your child to dive into and keep him or herself occupied over this long break.


Lower Primary Levels (P1-P3)


“Grandfather Gandhi”

June Holidays 2019: Recommended Reads

by Arun Gandhi and Bethany Hegedus,

illustrated by Evan Turk

Grandfather Gandhi is a personal story by the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, who was a great spiritual leader from India and an advocate of peace and human rights. Under the guidance of Gandhi, Arun learns to transform his anger into peace and choose light over darkness. Accompanied by compelling illustrations, this is a thought-provoking book that teaches the importance of managing our negative thoughts and emotions to become better versions of ourselves.


 Genres and Topics: Non-fiction, Biography, Emotions, Anger



June Holidays 2019: Recommended Reads“The Lorax”

by Dr. Seuss

This picture book depicts the consequences of greed and deforestation when a businessman called the Once-Ler discovered the Truffula Trees with tufts that can be used to make luxurious garments for sale. The Lorax, who speaks for the trees, tried to warn the Once-Ler against chopping down the trees for his commercial use but to no avail. Eventually, the entire forest of Truffula Trees is reduced to nothing. The beautiful valley is gone, leaving only a polluted environment that drives away all the animals and the Lorax himself.



Genres and Topics: Fiction, Classics, Environment, Pollution, Greed     



Upper Primary Levels (P4-P6)

June Holidays 2019: Recommended Reads“Wonder”

by R. J. Palacio

Auggie is just another 10-year-old boy, except that he is born with facial anomalies and has undergone numerous reconstruction surgeries. As he transitions into a mainstream school, we can witness the mixed reactions he faces due to his differences. In spite of things, Auggie is positive and remains unfazed by the bullies. This is a book that teaches us kindness, bravery and to see past appearance. If you can’t get enough of this book, there is also a movie adaptation of it that you can catch!




Genres and Topics: Fiction, Friendship, Bullying, Courage



June Holidays 2019: Recommended Reads“Some Kind of Courage”

by Dan Gemeinhart

This is an action-adventure novel set in Washington during the 1980s. Joseph Johnson is an orphan who has just had his beloved pony, his only family left, taken and sold away. He is determined to get Sarah back at all costs, which included harrowing run-ins with wild animals and confrontations with dangerous men. A memorable page-turner about friendship, courage and hope.





Genres and Topics: Fiction, Action, Adventure, Friendship, Courage


Secondary School Level

June Holidays 2019: Recommended Reads“The Unseen World”

By Liz Moore

This science fiction begins in 1980s Boston with Ada, a young girl raised and home-schooled by her computer scientist father. Unfortunately, her father develops Alzheimer’s disease and is sent to a nursing home, leaving Ada to adapt to a new school and the world outside the science lab. Join her as she journeys through her growing-up years and unravels her father’s mysterious past and secrets.




Genres and Topics: Science fiction, Mystery, Artificial intelligence, Family



June Holidays 2019: Recommended Reads“A Teen’s Guide to Getting Stuff Done”

by Jennifer Shannon & Doug Shannon

In this informative guidebook, we get to identify and gain deeper insights on the various types of procrastination. This is accompanied by methods and and helpful tips (based on the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to overcome procrastination and find the motivation to get things done.

Filled with illustrations, this is a light-hearted read that aims to make us be more aware of the consequences of our behaviour and to become more efficient in school and in life.



Genres and Topics: Non-fiction, Self-help, Procrastination



June Holidays 2019: Recommended Reads“The Book Thief”

by Markus Zusak

Death himself (a kinder, more compassionate version) is the narrator in this novel that is set in Nazi Germany. It follows the story of a young girl called Liesel who chances upon a book and falls in love with reading. She becomes a thief stealing all kinds of books, which allow her to seek solace and comfort amidst the atrocities happening around her.  





Genres and Topics: Historical fiction, World War II, Holocaust, Human nature




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