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Revising with Secondary School Exam Papers: A Step-By-Step Guide

Revising with Secondary School Exam Papers: A Step-By-Step Guide

As any student in Singapore knows, the exam period can be a stressful time. But one way to help ease the pressure and ensure that your child is prepared for the big day is to revise with past year exam papers. By doing this, your child can get a feel for the types of questions that are likely to come up, as well as the format of the exam. What’s more, by solving past test questions, your child can identify any areas that they need to work on before the exam. And, if they are revising with a classmate or consulting their teacher, it can also be a great opportunity to discuss difficult concepts and iron out any confusion. 

We’ve previously covered how primary school students can make the best out of PSLE past year papers but what about those in secondary school? Here’s how your child can study smart with different secondary school test papers. 

1. Practise timing

Many students underestimate the amount of time they need to complete an exam paper and as a result, they leave important questions unanswered. This can be a worst-case scenario during major exams like the O-levels. As such, make it a point to simulate exam conditions as closely as possible when using secondary school test papers. This means setting a time limit and working through the paper without any breaks. It is crucial for your child to learn to pace themselves and ensure that they have enough time to complete all sections of the exam paper. By sticking to the allotted time stated on the exam paper, your child can then develop a better sense of how much time they have for each question. 

Besides, your child may identify areas where they tend to spend too much time and focus on improving their speed in those areas. By the time the big day comes around, your child won’t have to worry about running out of time and be confident about completing the paper on time. 

2. Refer to the answer sheet

Past year secondary school test papers will usually come with answer sheets so your child can mark their work once they are done and learn from their mistakes. The answer sheet generally indicates what the examiner is looking for and can help your child focus their revision on key areas. It can also give them some ideas about how to approach the question from a different angle. Throughout their exam preparation, your child can track their progress and get a gauge of how well they are doing by using past year test papers. 

However, it is important to remember that the answer sheet is not always perfect and that they should use them as a guide rather than a blueprint. 

3. Work on weak topics 

It can be tempting to concentrate solely on the topics that your child is already strong in when studying for exams, but it is also beneficial for them to work on the areas where they need improvement. After doing several secondary school exam papers, it is time to start addressing their weaknesses head-on. Even before then, your child would have a good idea of which topics they find easy and which ones give them more trouble. If your child is not confident in the subject, it is easy to get thrown off by a tricky question during exams. 

By practising questions in their problem areas, your child can focus on understanding the concept fully before moving on. Even if your child does not get the right answer to a question, the process of trying to figure it out will help embed the information in their memory. Systemically working on their weaknesses will turn them into strengths over time, leading to better results overall. In addition, every time they get a question correct, your child will gradually feel more prepared and motivated to do well come exam day. 

4. Save time by using online learning platforms

From doing assessment books to highlighting notes, there are many more good study habits that can make your child’s revision load easier to tackle. With Superstar Teacher, our online learning portal offers students convenient online access to a comprehensive collection of questions that are collated from many secondary school test papers.

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