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Are Assessment Books Necessary for Your Child’s Revision?

Are Assessment Books Necessary for Your Child's Revision?

When your child starts to gear up for exams, it is important to remember that preparation is key. In order to perform their best on test day, your child needs to revise thoroughly beforehand. Besides past year papers, assessment books are a revision tool commonly used by primary and secondary school students in Singapore. 

This article will explore whether or not assessment books are necessary for your child’s revision and provide some helpful tips on how to choose the right assessment book for your child.

How Do I Choose an Assessment Book?

1. Check that it comes with an answer page

When you are browsing through different assessment books, flip to the back of each copy to check that it has an answer scheme attached. A workbook that comes with an answer key can assist your child in their revision, particularly in more challenging math topics like trigonometry and algebra. If your child is struggling to understand how to use a math formula, it can be helpful to have answers so that they can review them and see when it applies in a question. After solving problem sums, your child can check their work and move on to the next question or see where they went wrong. 

In science assessment books, your child can also better understand the concepts and work on improving their performance in future test papers. Make sure to check that the assessment book follows the primary or secondary school MOE syllabus in Singapore.

2. Purchase based on your child’s needs

Most assessment books are available either as topical exercises or practice papers, so it’s critical to recognise your child’s problem areas and the degree of assistance they require when buying the materials they need. This may be determined by reviewing their coursework and primary or secondary school test papers. Get your child to look through the various assessment books to see which one works best for them. For example, if your child wants to improve on their weak chapters, topical exercises will give them that confidence boost. 

As parents, we want to do everything we can to help our children be successful in school. Part of that is knowing their learning style and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. If your child is a visual learner, materials with plenty of colourful pictures and diagrams will appeal to them and help them better comprehend things. 

On the other hand, assessment materials with a variety of questions on the same topic with step-by-step working will benefit kinaesthetic learners who learn best by doing.

3. Quality over quantity

That being said, buying too many assessment books at once and not using them is a frequent problem that many parents experience. You may purchase as many books as you like, but keep in mind that they will not serve their purpose if your child does not use them at all. 

Start with one or two assessment books first and establish a daily routine that includes time for your child to practise and work on the assessment questions. Once your child is close to completing the assessment book, then that’s a sign to purchase another one. 

Try Online Learning Platforms

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