fbpx 4 Ways To Support Your Child And Get Them Ready For The PSLE


4 Ways To Support Your Child And Get Them Ready For The PSLE

How To Support Your Child And Get Them Ready For The PSLE

The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a major educational milestone that all students in Singapore must go through. Established in 1960 by Yong Nyuk Lin, then Minister of Education, the PSLE was designed to measure students’ understanding of key concepts in multiple subjects. Despite the PSLE having undergone many modifications since its inception, it remains one of the most vital examinations determining a student’s academic capability and which secondary school they could enter.

As such, it should be no surprise that both students and parents take the PSLE seriously. While students struggle with the academic workload, parents can play a role in motivating their children and pushing them to achieve their best in a healthy manner. Here are some tips on supporting your child in the lead-up to the PSLE.

Work out attainable goals

As parents, it is important to not only have realistic expectations of your child’s abilities but also encourage them to set out study goals that are reasonable and achievable. For example, if your child has consistently fared poorly in a particular subject, it is impractical for them to immediately score an A in the next exam. Instead, your child should take small steps to improve themselves day-by-day.

You can also consider sitting down with your child to discuss or visualise their objectives for scoring well in the PSLE, such as choosing which secondary school they are interested in and what career path they would like to lead. Some of these topics can be too complicated for children to understand, so parents should provide a helping hand to guide their children in establishing these goals.

Observe their study schedule 

There is a saying that parents hustle as hard as their children during the PSLE or other national examinations. This is a fact, as parents are expected to sacrifice their personal time to help their children. As your child sets a timetable to complete and revise their schoolwork, you can be understanding by adhering to their schedule and creating a suitable environment for studying at home. For instance, if your child is planning to carry out a personal mock exam, you should avoid doing noisy activities in the house for them to concentrate better.

By taking these initiatives, you are also letting your child know that their time is respected and you are there to support them during this difficult journey.

Validate progress and avoid non-constructive criticism

Put yourself in the shoes of a student. Imagine if you were constantly reminded of your mistakes and received non-constructive feedback whenever you did not score well. There will be no doubt that, in time, you will lose interest in your studies and lack the motivation to achieve your goals. As such, parents should seek to create a fun and productive learning environment by recognising their child’s efforts and validating their improvements.

One way to do so is by treating them to small rewards after they have accomplished their goals, such as allowing them to eat their favourite foods and bringing them to the mall. Completing their study goals for the week and scoring a good grade in their weaker subjects are a cause for celebration too.

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