Instant Homework Help

Struggling with questions and have no one to seek help from? Our mentors aspire to help you learn and understand the concepts behind a question.

Unfortunately, no. It is priced as follows:

Tokens SGD
10 $29
20 $49
50 $99

All our mentors are carefully selected through a stringent interview process. Rest assured that we have the best mentors to help you clarify your doubts of a question.

You will need to have a particular subject title in your account in order for you to ask questions relevant to that subject.

There is no time limit for each session. However, we are looking at about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the level of difficulty of the question.

No, but you’ll need to have active titles to use the tokens.

To ensure the fairness of the programme, it is recommended for you to ask one question per session. You may be advised to start a new session if your question is no longer related to the original question.

We have a pool of mentors, some of which may include the teachers from our video lessons.

No as the system will automatically assign a mentor to you when you post a question on the platform.

You may raise your concerns about your session with a mentor by sending us an email at within 3 days from the date of the session.