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Grasping concepts is the key to understanding for students

Learning happens when a student has good understanding of the concepts and principles taught, of which, they are able to apply the knowledge to solve different types of problems in different contexts. Rote memorisation alone is not enough to achieve this as it’s a short-term method of retaining information based on repetition.

For example, in Primary 3 Science, students learn about the diversity of materials. It is important for the students to explore and learn the properties of different materials, but it is more important for them to know that man makes useful things from these materials based on their properties. In this way, the students can relate the use of daily objects to the properties of the materials.

Many students start cramming when exams are around the corner. Instead of purely memorising the facts right before an examination, the smarter strategy is actually to learn by relating the concepts to something you already understood. Use real-life situations to understand complex equations, create diagrams to show the relationship between ideas, visualise abstract concepts and simplify difficult ideas using language a five-year-old can understand.

Ask the following questions the next time you’re helping your children in their revision:-

  1. Can your child solve the problem himself?
  2. Does he ask questions?
  3. Can he explain what he’s learned to the next kid?
  4. Can your child apply his knowledge?

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