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4 Approaches for Parents to Help Struggling Students Do Well in School


It is every parent’s worst nightmare: your child not doing well in school. What do you do? Is it too late to help them? How can you make sure they continue to progress and learn as much as possible? These are all questions that parents of struggling students ask themselves.

Your child could be a good kid but still falling behind despite his or her best efforts to succeed. It is important to address your child’s poor performance in school as early as possible, preferably at the beginning of his or her school life. 

Keep in mind that children who struggle academically in the early stages normally have a hard time staying on track if the problem is not addressed. Whether it’s science, math or other subjects, getting a hang of the syllabus can be a challenge without the right guidance. 

So as a parent, what can you do to help your child do well in school? 

1. Know What’s Wrong

Parents with children who are falling behind in school need to first find the root cause of the problem. For starters, it could be external issues like vision problems that make him or her struggle to read or even see the board in class. 

On the other hand, if your child sounds out that he or she is struggling to understand a subject, it is then important to consider getting the necessary help such as enrolling your child in a good primary school math enrichment or science tuition class

2. Provide the Necessary Support

Once you have identified the root cause of your child’s poor performance in school, you can then take the necessary steps to solve the problem. 

Be sure to motivate and support your child throughout his or her learning journey. Keep on encouraging your child for his or her hard work and effort. Positive reinforcement through praise can work better than criticism or punishment. 

Some children with slow learning tendencies may also require extra tuition outside of school. At Superstar Teacher, our online lessons will not only help to reinforce the lessons learnt at school but will also teach your child how to handle complex subjects such as primary school math through digestible bite-sized content and worked examples. 

Ultimately, full parental support is key in helping a child do well in school. 

3. Teach Your Child Study Skills

In primary school, children take tests and exams in subjects such as Mathematics, Science and English. Studying for them, however, can be an overwhelming experience – more so when your child is preparing for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). This is why it is important to introduce your child to effective studying skills and practices at a tender age. 

Teach your child the value of studying ahead of time rather than doing last-minute revisions before a test. Don’t forget to provide your child with the required studying resources such as study guides, notebooks and assessment practices. The skills will pay off throughout your child’s learning journey in secondary school and university after primary school. 

Teaching your child organisational skills will also help a lot. Show your child how to keep school items neat and tidy to avoid hunting down pencils and notebooks and getting distracted from the tasks at hand. This can also include giving your child an assignment book folder and another one for homework so he or she can keep track of everything. 

Moving forward, be sure to keep track and know when a test or exam is scheduled so you can help your child study ahead of time and be better prepared for it.

4. Enrol the Child for Online Tuition

Lastly, online tuition can provide your child with extra learning experiences to complement what they have learnt at school. 

The addition of online lessons can help your child improve in science and other complex subjects by reinforcing their understanding of key topics. This is a good way to get your child back on track with their academics and keep up with the primary school syllabus. 

At Superstar Teacher, we provide online lessons and tools covering a wide range of subjects including Chinese, Maths, Science and English. Contact us today to learn more about our online courses! 

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