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How Can I Improve My Child’s Problem-Solving Skills

How Can I Improve My Child's Problem-Solving Skills

Did you know that problem-solving skills can play an important role in your child’s ability to work out the answers in their primary school homework and exam questions? In fact, problem-solving is not something that they can just pick up naturally – it has to be taught and nurtured from young! 

When your child eventually has to apply concepts learnt, it can be tricky if they are not used to thinking outside of the box and approaching problems from different angles. Teaching your child problem-solving skills will help them develop new ways of looking at situations. 

 There are steps you can take to help your child resolve problems more effectively. By guiding your child early on about the importance of being able to think flexibly and critically, this will eventually reflect in how motivated they are to tackle questions throughout their syllabus in primary school. This blog will show you some of the best ways to develop and improve problem-solving skills in your child so that they can feel more confident about their answers in Math, English, Science and Chinese.  

How to Guide Your Kid to Develop Problem-Solving Skills

1. Incorporate math games

If your child is in lower primary, you can start by incorporating games that focus on specific skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These are some fun everyday activities that can encourage them to apply the techniques they’ve learnt in school beyond their usual homework practice. Problem-solving will gradually become a more natural process for them, enabling them to approach even the most difficult of questions with an open mind. 

2. Provide opportunities for experimentation

From six to eight years old, be prepared to answer questions as your child explores the world around them. Driven by curiosity, this is the best age to bring out the innate explorer in your child and stimulate their thinking. Take them outdoors to observe and learn more about their surroundings. Even at home, let them try out new recipes or craft projects. Especially in their early years, these moments will spark their creative thinking and get their brain working.  

3. Ask your child questions 

When it comes to their schoolwork, you can also be more involved by discussing how they solved the problem after they finish each one. If something is challenging, you can demonstrate how you yourself will go about addressing the problems to prove to your child that there are always alternative solutions to questions they find tricky. By simply leading by example, your child will feel more confident to take on difficult questions. 

Especially if this is a subject that your child is not doing well in at school, don’t forget to praise your child for the effort in finding an answer to a problem.  

4. Have them do timed problems for practice

On the other hand, if your child is already in the upper primary levels, this is a good time to start practising on their speed to solve problems. By placing emphasis on your child’s accuracy and efficiency, this will eventually be useful when they do their examinations. Whether it is in Math or Science, start implementing timed problems to improve their time management whilst sharpening their problem-solving skills.  

5. Encourage self-learning

Finally, encourage your child to take charge and be independent in their studies. Self-learning – in the long run – is invaluable outside of the classroom setting. When they’re studying on their own, there are online tuition classes like Superstar Teacher available for primary school students in Singapore to equip your child with the best resources. Through our comprehensive online learning platform, your child can get the enrichment they need in Math, Science, English and Chinese to stay on track with their syllabus. 

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