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How to Tackle Tricky Topics in Primary Maths

How to Tackle Tricky Topics in Primary School Maths

Maths is often viewed as a challenging subject, and this is especially true for primary school children who are still in the early stages of their education. This is because primary maths covers a wide range of concepts that your child is still trying to learn and master. To help your child succeed in this important subject, here are a few techniques for handling tricky maths topics. 

How to Improve Maths in Primary School

1. Work on conceptual understanding

There’s usually a lot of emphasis on memorisation for any topic in the maths syllabus. But while this technique can be helpful, it’s not the most effective way to learn.

To improve in primary maths, it is more important to work on conceptual understanding, and focus on the why and how rather than the what. Conceptual understanding is important for maths because it helps students connect the dots between different concepts. This type of understanding is critical for success in maths, and it’s something that can be developed with time and practice. Students who lack conceptual understanding often struggle in maths and may even give up entirely on the subject. That’s why it is crucial to help your child to develop a deep understanding of maths from the early stages. 

Once your child has a strong conceptual understanding, it will be easier for them to solve problems quickly and accurately. Your child will also have a solid foundation for more complex mathematical concepts that they will encounter later on in secondary school. 

2. Get used to different methods of solving problems

A variety of maths formulas may be needed to solve different types of questions. However, if your child is only comfortable with one type of formula, they won’t be able to solve every maths problem they come across. Therefore, it’s important to get used to using different formulas and be well-equipped to solve any type of maths question. Being familiar with different formulas will allow your child to quickly and easily complete calculations, without having to spend time looking up how to do them each time. 

With practice, using different formulas will become second nature for your child and they will be able to answer questions more efficiently.

3. Make time to practise different types of questions

In order to be successful in primary maths, it is important that your child practises different types of questions. This means doing everything from basic arithmetic to challenging word problems. By regularly working on these types of questions, your child can improve their skills and be better prepared for tests and exams. Additionally, practising different question styles will help your child develop a deeper understanding of the material. 

4. Improve on mental calculation

Mental calculation is a group of skills that enable your child to work out mathematical problems in the head. It’s a great way to improve your child’s understanding of arithmetic and speed of answering questions during major maths papers like the PSLE.

At home, you can practise sums from 1-10 with your child, then progress to sums from 10-20. Focus on addition and subtraction, slowly progressing to the other basic operations of arithmetic when they are learning them. This will contribute to their ability to do complex calculations quickly and improve their focus, preparing them for higher-level mathematics later.

Get More Help

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