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Good Sleeping Habits: 4 Reasons Why Sleep is Important for Academic Performance

Good Habits for 2022- Why Sleep is Important for Academic Performance

Having good sleeping habits is an extremely important aspect of a child’s daily routine. According to studies, when children get sufficient sleep on a regular basis, this can contribute to increased attention spans, improved memory, behaviour, and general physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, can significantly affect your child’s concentration and learning abilities. Though most parents may want their children to spend more time on schoolwork, having good sleeping habits is just as important for academic success. 

Why is Sleep Important for Academic Success?

Getting insufficient sleep can affect decision making, attention span and information processing. In fact, the recommended amount of sleep for primary and secondary school students is 9-11 and 8-10 hours per day respectively. As exams approach, sleep is especially essential as compared to doing last-minute revision. While most students cram in study sessions to run through their syllabus again, it can be better to prioritise sleep for stronger memory consolidation. Here’s how you can make sure your child is getting the rest they need. 

How to Encourage Good Sleeping Habits

1. Make sleep a priority 

If your child just started primary or secondary school, it is a good time to start taking charge of their daily sleep schedule. This is a crucial step toward better academic performance in the long run. As mentioned, most students need at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night in order to function at their best during the day. Getting enough sleep is integral to being able to focus in class, retain information, and make good decisions during exams. 

2. Wind down for the night 

The period leading up to bedtime is critical in preparing your child to fall asleep fast and easily. Poor pre-bed behaviours may make it harder for your child to go to sleep. Start by creating a nightly routine to help establish good habits and signal to your child that it is close to bedtime. Even with older secondary school children, you can turn down the light and turn off devices (TV, cellphone, tablet) at least 30 minutes earlier to encourage them to get some shut-eye from studying.

3. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is essential for children of all ages. It helps them stay well-rested and organised, which can lead to better school performance and overall health. Establishing a routine early on is the key to success. Set the alarm for your child and stick to it, even on weekends or other days when they may be tempted to sleep in. 

More importantly, you want to ensure that your child is getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night. Working backwards from your child’s wake-up time, you can determine a target bedtime for them to start wrapping up their study time. 

4. Adjust after-school activities

Finally, if your child is staying up later just to finish their English or Math homework after attending extracurricular activities, consider online learning platforms to help your child better manage their schedule. For both primary and secondary school students, online learning can allow your child to learn at their own pace at home. Rather than squeezing in a fixed tuition lesson, Superstar Teacher can complement your child’s schedule with easy online tuition in Singapore. As all of our lessons are available online, they can be viewed any time so your child can catch up on Chinese, Science or any other subject at their convenience. 

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