fbpx Continue Learning During The School Holidays With These Activities


Continue Learning During The School Holidays With These Activities

Continue Learning During The School Holidays With These Activities

The school holidays are finally here. It is time for families to get together and relax after a hectic year and for students to unwind and take a break from studying. Aside from travelling overseas, families can attend one of the many events, camps, and activities hosted throughout Singapore during the year-end holidays.

While your child should absolutely use this opportunity to take a breather, it does not mean that they should ditch learning altogether  for the entire  month of December. This may result in them having a hard time acclimating to the new academic year once school starts, and they can even lose their momentum in studying.

Well, no worries, as we have curated a list of fun yet educational activities you can enjoy with your children. We guarantee that these activities will get your child’s mind ticking while keeping them busy during the holidays.

Learn a new recipe

Believe it or not, cooking is not only a practical skill to acquire but also an academically beneficial one. As cooking requires participants to measure ingredients and use tools, such as the weighing scale and measuring utensils, it can help children improve their basic Maths concepts, specifically calculation skills. What’s more, your child can improve their reading comprehension by looking through recipes and cookbooks.

As long as your child does not go near the fire and play with any dangerous tools, they can look forward to being more independent and building up their self-esteem in the kitchen.

Make a scrapbook

Instil a love of journaling in your child by encouraging them to take part in scrapbooking. Even though scrapbooking may seem like an old-fashioned activity with the rise of social media and technology, there is something sentimental and special about good old pen and paper. After you and your child have attended an event or activity, print out the photos and paste them onto your scrapbook. Your child can complement the pictures with dried flowers, washi tapes, coloured construction paper, and many more. The possibilities are endless, and your child should feel free to explore their creativity.

Try out safe science experiments

When it comes to doing science experiments at home, you want to make sure your child is out of harm’s way at all times. As such, it is advisable that you accompany your child throughout the process. Some cool yet easy and harmless science experiments you and your child can carry out include making a baking soda volcano, crystallising rock candies, and crafting slimes from scratch, to name a few. Over time, your child can benefit from doing science experiments by being more confident and self-assured in their practical Science examinations.

Enrol in workshops

There are a ton of workshops being held during the holiday season, from Christmas-themed ones, such as making Christmas ornaments, to art classes. Some educational centres may also host entertaining programmes and bridging classes for children looking to be well-prepared for the next school year. Regardless of which workshop your child is interested in, they can expect to let loose and bond with their family and friends.

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